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Amundsen Sports


"Let's go skiing right now" Roald Amundsen (1872 - 1928)


Our mission is to establish the 3-part formula as the preferred outdoor clothing concept, and thus giving people an enhanced outdoor life.

The 3-Part Formula is the most versatile outdoor clothing concept. As its name suggests, it comes in 3 parts (jacket, knickerbocker and gaiters) instead of the ordinary 2 parts (jacket and trousers).

All of us mountain enthusiasts know how quickly the weather changes. During a short period of time, you can have all seasons. With the 3-Part Formula you have the flexibility to:

-Remove your gaiters and roll down your socks while skiing uphill or during hard work - it is a fantastic feeling compared to the fixed long trouser. No ventilation on regular trouser can compare to this.

-Fix your gaiters back on while skiing down in powder in order to keep snow out, or simply because the weather changed and you got cold with your bear legs.

-After the outdoor day is over, you are likely to enter your cabin, tent, hotel or whatever, and instead of having the dilemma of either walking around in your potentially wet and dirty trousers or taking them off to your underwear, you simply unbutton your gaiters and you are dressed for the rest of the evening.

Yes, we do meet skepticism - this is one of the reasons why we decided to venture on an expedition to Antarctica for 5 weeks testing our formula in its true elements. It proved unbeatable. Please do not hesitate contacting us should you have any questions or if you wish to test for yourself.


Knickerbockers, gaiters, jackets, anoraks, knitwear, knickerbocker socks, shirts, hats and other accessories.

Adresse: Lilleakerveien 2E, House 8, 0283 Oslo, Norway
Telefonnummer: +4798051115
By: Oslo
Rute: Lilleakerveien 2E, House 8
Postnummer: 0283

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