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PLUS architecture provides services within building design and city planning.

We were founded in 2006 and, ever since, have had a steady growth in projects of different scale and complexity. We work for both governmental sector and private institutions and our current portfolio comprises projects ranging from private residences to schools and large-scale commercial developments.

PLUS architecture is a compact team comprised of 11 committed architects with wide arrange of skills, experiences as well as different national backgrounds.

We believe that quantitative factors such as large size architectural practices and complex organizational charts don´t always guarantee a successful result in our industry. In PLUS, we rather focus on qualitative approach to design, for our goal is to deliver the best solutions for our clients.

That calls for high level of commitment, initiative and skill on behalf of our staff as well as it requires an organizational model which is guided by efficient, transparent and dynamic process.

This, in our view, ensures a better, cohesive leadership throughout all stages of project delivery thus giving us better leverage to understand, cut through and enhance our client´s architectural vision.

Our work method is defined by high professional engagement and extensive collaboration. The end result is an architectural project that is functional, meaningful and clear.

Our mission.
At PLUS we believe that buildings are not mere iconic statements and their designs are much more than an exercise in shape and aesthetics. We view architecture as a complex design system that intends to facilitate our functional, social, emotional and economic needs. As we embark on each assignment, we aim at creating design solution that fundamentally integrates all elements of projects´s functionality, enhances its user experience and thus delivers value to our clients - our mission is to design better places for our everyday life.

Our values.
As architects we design building systems that will enrich our surroundings with meaningful functions, thus setting stage for vital human interaction. Be it healthy and productive work environment or a single house which grants us freedoms to be ourselves in ways most easy and intimate - our architectural designs are spaces where people will deliver quality, because the design creates value for society. This premise is central to the way PLUS works as well as it defines our core value – architecture is a physical extension of our human desires. Architecture is about people.

Adresse: Storgata 5, 1607 Fredrikstad
Telefonnummer: +4769113210
By: Fredrikstad
Rute: Storgata 5
Postnummer: 1607

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